6 Steps To Glow



The first step is to prep on clean skin. That’s when Radiance Primer comes in.  It does double-duty, prepping & hydrating your face. Our Radiance Primer helps to minimize pores and leaves skin looking smooth and beautiful while helping to keep makeup in place.

HOT TIP: Before applying primer, put a wet washcloth in the freezer for 10 mins and then on your face. Help reduce puffiness and feels so refreshing.


On to the next step – Foundation can be a slippery slope, specially in hot weather. With LuLu’s Baked LUX Mineral Foundation, you won’t have to worry your makeup literally sliding off your face. Maximum coverage, that is weightless and seamless.  Foundation should be on your face, not all over the place.

HOT TIP: Unsightly tan line? Nothing like slipping into a pretty dress just to notice your tan lines look like additional spaghetti straps. Just wet a sponge and use our Baked LUX Foundation to achieve maximum coverage. What tan lines? 




Third step, brows that make you go WOW! Best brows are natural looking brows.  With LuLu’s Color Stay Brow Powder, defining natural-looking brows has never been easier. Our brow powder locks in place so you don’t have to worry about your brows sliding down your eyelids. (Awkward)

HOT TIP: Just like your hair can get lighter in the sun, so can your browse. To prevent lightening, run a sunscreen stick over your eyebrows. Double-bonus- this tip will also set your brows in place.


On to the eyes.  Again, prep is a must. A well prepped eye, needs little shadow. Lulu’s Eye Concealer, unlike traditional concealers, is very concentrated, you only need to use a few dots to erase imperfections. It’s your secret weapon in your makeup bag. It’s your magic eraser.

HOT TIP: Use a light shadow color as your base. Soft pinks and peaches can really open up your eye. Unless you are going for a Smokey Eye / Glam Look, less is more.


Next – and don’t be fooled! It all begins with the lips. And those long-wear lip colors don’t help matters—except of course, in this case. LuLu’s Vitamin E infused Lipstick  won’t leave lips either feeling, or looking, dry as a tumbleweed.

HOT TIP: Use a lipliner color that matches your lipstick or lip gloss color to enhance the look of your lips. 




Final step to achieve a dewy makeup look. C’mon, let’s GLOW! LuLu’s Liquid Illuminator is the perfect final touch. Create a glowing  highlight and brighten your  skin with a touch of shimmer. Just like being kissed by the sun.

HOT TIP: Crack a smile to find your cheek-line. Gently dab the illuminator along the top of your cheekbone. Finish by illuminating the ridge of your nose.



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