How to Apply Baked Mineral Foundation for a Natural Look


Whether you are a beauty enthusiast or simply a makeup user, you are probably already familiar with baked mineral makeup products. Baked mineral makeup has a distinct set of features that sets it apart from traditional makeup formulas. With the smooth and flawless finish it provides, Baked Mineral Foundation has been an all-time favorite when it comes to face makeup products.

In addition to this, it’s a perfect mineral makeup product that allows you to achieve flawlessly gorgeous finish that looks very natural. If you are planning to get yourself some new Baked Mineral Foundation, you need to know how to apply it like a pro. Learn how to properly apply your baked mineral foundation to achieve a perfectly natural look in this article.

The Difference of Baked Mineral Foundation

The formulation alone truly sets baked mineral foundation apart from the usual types of foundations available in the market today. Baking pigments involves a more specific and intricate process compared to pressing. The baking process allows the pigments to fully blend and take its course for long periods of time.

This results to a richer, creamier and smoother texture that glides seamlessly onto the skin. In addition to this, a top-tier baked mineral foundation is infused with premium natural ingredients rich in essential nutrients and moisture. This lets the skin breathe and be fully-nourished from within.

To keep the baked mineral foundation lightweight and natural-looking on the skin, start with the right amount of foundation by loading your brush up and tapping off the excess product. Apply another layer doing the similar step to build up coverage. The secret is to not use too much baked mineral foundation all at once. Using too much baked mineral foundation upon first application would make it look cakey and artificial.

Finding the Best Foundation Applicator

Using the wrong type of brush can deliver the wrong finish for your skin. Take a quick look at this guide that can help you out in choosing the right makeup brush for you.

  • Fluffy powder brush – a powder brush with denser bristles gives heavier and fuller coverage. If you need more coverage, a fluffy powder brush is ideal for baked mineral foundations.
  • Sponge applicator – ideal for quick touch-ups. On the other hand, if you need heavier coverage, you can also damp the sponge puff applicator for a more flawless, airbrushed finish.
  • Medium fiber brush (Blush/Powder) – use a brush with bristles a tad apart from one another for a lightweight, natural finish. A stippling fiber brush is great for setting makeup and keeping the foundation in place.


Use Light, Circular Strokes

Applying your baked mineral foundation with a light and gentle hand is essential to achieve a natural makeup look perfect for everyday. Using a fluffy powder brush or kabuki brush, take an appropriate amount of product and tap off the excess. Use light, circular strokes to make sure that the foundation is evenly distributed; all while providing decent coverage



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